About the team

We are an interdisciplinary team working on the history of natural heritage sites in Germany. We investigate how landscapes and land use have changed during the past 150 years. On this basis, we want to better understand the current status of the areas and to create support for decisions on future sustainable development.


Research concept

Our research is structured into three projects. In her Master thesis, Maria Pleger is assessing the experience of nature of three different generations. In another Master thesis, Daniel Hernandez is analyzing historical maps and remote sensing data with regard to the development of regulating ecosystem services on natural heritage sites. In a third project, which is funded by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU), a team of historians, geographers, landscape planners and biologists is assessing the historical development of ecosystem services in the context of land use changes.


About iDiv

The German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) is a DFG research centre with more than 250 employees and members located in Halle, Jena and Leipzig. Here, researchers from 30 nations establish the scientific basis for the sustainable management of our planet’s biodiversity.

Biodiversity refers to the diversity of life – not only species diversity but also genetic diversity, diversity of functions, interactions and ecosystems. We know that our actions dramatically change this diversity: species become extinct, genetic information and entire ecosystems are lost. At the same time, we know little about the extent of these changes, the underlying processes and consequences for humanity.